Animals Vs Humans

Even a cunning animals🦊have humanity,
But the selfishness of human being👱destroys the environment.Its better to be a ‘clever fox’ like Fanstastic Mr.Fox is better than animals in the human forms like Bunce,Bean and Boggis.
It is a children novel written by Roald Dahl, its easy to read and gives a comic releif, this is the first ever novel i have read .

There is also an animation movie based on this novel.
Fantastic Mr.Fox” Directed by Wes Anderson in 2009.

Today is Roald Dahl’s 104th birthday!



These flowers in my garden take me to the world of fairies👼,the woods🏞 in the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ written by William Shakespeare.

Especially this dialogue by Oberon,🤴 the king of the fairies to Robin Goodfellow/puck.

Yet marked I where the bolt of Cupid fell. It fell upon a little western flower, Before milk-white, now purple with love’s wound. And maidens call it “love-in-idleness.”

Even though it is not that flower, i feel so pleasure to recall the wonderful play once again through this butterfly pea/blue pea.