Symbol of Love😍

The Symbol of love🥀in The Beauty and The Beast is out of its bell jar. Yes! it’s here in my garden🌹😍.


Animals Vs Humans

Even a cunning animals🦊have humanity,
But the selfishness of human being👱destroys the environment.Its better to be a ‘clever fox’ like Fanstastic Mr.Fox is better than animals in the human forms like Bunce,Bean and Boggis.
It is a children novel written by Roald Dahl, its easy to read and gives a comic releif, this is the first ever novel i have read .

There is also an animation movie based on this novel.
Fantastic Mr.Fox” Directed by Wes Anderson in 2009.

Today is Roald Dahl’s 104th birthday!

Sleepy 😴

Sleep whenever you can because Hickory Dickory Dock⏰will run so fast after pandemic is over.

Sleep to free from stress😵

Sleep to free from pain😩

Sleep to free from loneliness😢

Sleep to dream😍

Like this Sleepy Dwarf😃👍